SAKE Lab -Casual SAKE tasting event to find out new way to enjoy SAKE-

VOl.01 a good combination of SAKE and cheeses

Tasting event “SAKE Lab”
Term:2017/11/11 to 2017/11/30
Place:SAKEmaru in Naha
※Please refer to our “business day” at the foot of this page

Do you think SAKE will only go well with Japanese food? No way! SAKE goes well with various foods across the world.
SAKEmaru will suggest new way to enjoy SAKE in your daily life at tasting event, “SAKE Lab”.

【Vol.01 SAKE and Cheese】
Many people know that cheese will go well with wine. But how about cheese with SAKE? It will give you hints of a step to new SAKE world. SAKEmaru will offer tasting menu of “SAKE and cheese combination set”.

【Lab menu】
1. Camembert cheese and a glass of SAKE
2, Blue cheese and a glass of SAKE
3. Black pepper chees and a glass of SAKE
SAKEmaru is preparing some more combination.
*Each combination is JPY500 plus 8% of Consumption tax

【Discount privilege】
You can get 5% discount for per bottle if you purchase a bottle that you try from Lab menu.

【About SAKEmaru】
SAKEmaru is a Japanese sake tasting bar and bottle shop in Naha. We welcome anyone interested in tasting or learning more about Japanese sake, from the first-timer to the most experienced aficionado. We look forward to providing a great experience for our guests.